We are a concept of health, beauty, and art.

A creative studio that offers professional makeup services,

gel polish nails and workouts. 

Two sisters and also best friends,  doing everything together since forever, 

we decided to combine creativity & sports. 

 We are the first private studio in the center of Zagreb with this concept. 

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it's down to attitude, 

our approach, and the way we treat our clients.

We make it easy to stay healthy and glammed!



I am a Pilates and fitness instructor based in Zagreb.

I was a professional tennis player until my middle 20’s. Stepping out of professional world of sports 

I have decided to use my skills and discipline of being an athlete and develop a concept of private health-based fitness in the center of Zagreb.

I have graduated in Fitness academy in Zagreb

as ‘Pilates and Fitness instructor’. 

I have also mastered a Level 1, 2, and 3  McGill courses 

( Foundation for the pain-free back,

converging on a precise diagnosis, 

progressing backs from pain to performance ). 

With a history of working in the sports industry 

and being a professional athlete myself 

I’ve realized the gym and working out at home 

can be a confusing place. 

Unfortunately, many people are making mistakes during the workout. 

Poor technique is serious because it can lead to injury. 

My main goal is to provide my clients with information

and quality training that prevent and rehabilitate back pain. Mcgill method is my standard of care for all clients.

The key to success is to understand the pain mechanism

and to provide optimal back performance. 

Combining both strength and power through exercises

with a neutral posture is a goal that every client must achieve without being injured. 

My method is core becoming stronger and spine more protected.



I am an artist based in Zagreb being involved in fashion, makeup, nails, and painting.

I have graduated from Istituto Mode di Burgo

with a degree in Fashion Design in Milan, Italy. 

Stepping into the fashion world I was more and more interested in adding some more artistic skills and starting to combine makeup artistry and freelance painting.

I got my second degree in Makeup, Zagreb. 

I have discovered a great passion for it, wanting to bring inspiration and innovation to Zagreb,

enhancing women’s natural beauty and flaws. 

I want women to feel, see, and claim their power,

looking fresh and confident.

I have experience in many makeup fields, 

doing a lot of volunteering work and assisting in Germany, I mostly work with private clients.

I also do editorials and makeup lessons.

As I said I am also a painter. 

Most of my work is inspired by human faces and their expressions,

focusing on bold colorful work using acrylics technique and mixed media, adding an abstract touch to it. 

I like to present ordinary things in an extraordinary way, allowing people to feel and communicate through my work. Art to me is a highly personal way to communicate with the world, 

it's one of the only avenues that have no rules.

It is also equal, there is no rich or poor on their skin, 

and to access into that world is my creative freedom.